Citizenship By Investment Dubai

The Process of Naturalization, Regarding Citizenship by Investment

There are different ways for an individual to become a citizen of any country. The most
common ways are the ones when one of the following occurs: Birth within a certain territory,
descent from a parent who is a citizen, marriage to a citizen and naturalization, which in fact is
the closest to the Citizenship by Investment.

Citizenship by Investment is an idea, that an individual may invest a quantifiable amount
of money in a specific country in order to obtain a citizenship status. The result itself can be
very beneficial, as it results in the individual’s ability to obtain a second passport, which
typically makes it easier to travel internationally. For example, if an individual obtained a
citizenship of a country, whose citizens are eligible to travel visa-free, then the process of
international travel itself would be easily simplified.
It’s important to consider, that only a small number of countries allow foreign nationals
to immediately become citizens after placing an investment into the country’s economy. In fact,
countries generally require different procedures in order to make it happen. Requirements,
such as: placing a minimum investment, prove that the investment funds were derived from a
lawful source, prove to have an entrepreneurial experience and etc.
Since there are many different options a foreign national could pursue and each of the
program’s have their own advantages and disadvantages, interested investors are usually
encouraged to speak with a knowledgeable attorney, who can give an advice to the individuals
in order to proceed in a more practical way. In order to get the maximum results, one should
carefully decide which group of people they would choose as their advisors.
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