Business immigrants are people, who move to another country and invest in or start their own business there. Besides of their own benefits they are expected to support the development of their host countries’ economy, make it more attractive and accessible for the investors. The Business immigration programs are designed to help, encourage  these individuals by facilitating the admissions.

Most of the immigration companies offer various services in different specialty areas: business immigration, citizenship by investment, Residency By investment are some of the most popular ways of migration.

Citizenship by investment programs is designed to attract foreign business companies and capital. What these Immigrant investor programs, do to achieve their goal is providing the citizenship to business people. New investment contributes to the economic advancement and development of the host country. Because of this, there are multiple criteria for the investment, most of them related to job creation.

Residency by investment programs offers permanent residency to the business people in the desired country by investing in the economy of that country. Getting residency means having the right of living in the host country without being a citizen of it. These people have the ability to live, work, get an education in the host country and also, travel freely to the other countries. However, they don’t have the right to vote or run for office. Some of the advantages of the Residency by Investment programs include new business opportunities in or outside of the host country. Investment and job creation criteria are also essential while doing this program.

The process of immigration can be complicated because of constantly changing regulations and government policy. Visa Applications must be prepared carefully and thoroughly. Working with an inexperienced company or unprofessional staff can lead to difficulties like rejection, extra fees and so on.

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